Representatives from Tien Shan Pai schools across the world (Germany, United Kingdom, and several schools from the United States) recently made the long journey to Singapore to compete in the 2nd TWKSF World Tournament. Though only a handful of TSP students were able to make the trip, those that did performed extremely well, placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in events ranging from forms, weapons, and two-man set divisions to full-contact Lei Tai fighting.


Tien Shan Pai competitors and family with Grandmaster Huang Chien-Liang at the
2nd TWKSF World Tournament hosted in Singapore, November 2006.


Below is a list of TSP competitors that placed in the 2nd World Tournament:

  • Ed Quach – 2nd Place, Lei Tai (60-65kg); TAMA Martial Arts-OH
  • Tiffany Johnson – 2nd Place, Lei Tai (50-55kg); Western Hills Martial Arts-OH
  • Dave Chilcoat – 1st Place, Push Hands; USKA-Owings Mills, MD
  • Eric Nicholson – 2nd Place Kung Fu Forms, 3rd Place Push Hands; Body Balance-Clarksburg, MD
  • John Green – 1st Place, Push Hands, Yang Style Tai Chi Form, Straight Sword, and Other
    Tai Chi Form; 2nd Place, Tai Chi Long Weapons, Tai Chi Broadsword; 3rd Place Ba Gua;
    USKA-Owings Mills, MD
  • Sujay and Sanjay Nair – Tied 1st Place, 2-Person Set Empty Hand; 2nd Place, 2-Person Set Weapons; USKA-Owings Mills, MD
  • Sanjay Nair – 2nd Place, Kung Fu Northern Empty Hand Forms; 2nd Place, Kung Fu Other Weapons Division; USKA-Owings Mills, MD
  • Tanja Kolar – 1st Place, Special Weapons-Short, women 16-25 years old; GCKF-Germany
  • Natalja Altuchw – 2nd Place, Traditional Northern Empty Hand Forms, women, 16-25 years old; 3rd Place, Special Weapons-Short, women 16-25 years old; GCKF-Germany
  • Michael Schad – 3rd Place, Sourthern/Northern Special Weapons-Long, men 25 years and under; GCKF-Germany
  • Michael Pantelic – 4th Place, Lei Tai Men (70-75kg); GCKF-Germany

Congratulations to all who competed! Below are more pictures from the tournament:

John Green wins first place in Mens Push Hands, 98kg and above.


Sujay and Sanjay Nair tie for first place in Adult Two-Man Set Empty Hand.


Tien Shan Pai classmates John Green, David Chilcoat, and Eric Nicholson pose with their medals.