Introduction to Tien Shan Pai

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The first three chapters of this book are now available in PDF format (just click on the image below). Check back here often as we will continue adding chapters throughout the upcoming year !!!

Introduction to Tien Shan Pai is a comprehensive synopsis of the attributes of this popular northern style of Chinese Kuo Shu. Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang, 64th generation Grandmaster of Tien Shan Pai, provides details about the system’s history, characteristics, philosophy, and technique. Through the use of detailed explanations, multiple-angle photographs, and authentic primary sources, Tien Shan Pai’s vast array of skills is presented. Topics examined in the book include:

  • Stance training within the context of Tien Shan Pai
  • Warm-up exercises and kicks designed to promote flexibility, increased circulation, and healthy joints
  • Detailed instruction of Mei Hua Quan, one of Tien Shan Pai’s signature forms
  • An overview of Tien Shan Pai’s fighting techniques as taught by 63rd generation Supreme Master Wang, Chueh-Jen, “Double Broadsword King” of China
  • Power training for martial applications
  • Qin Na techniques and applications for self-defense

Written as a collective preliminary text, Introduction to Tien Shan Pai provides valuable insights for every reader, whether a beginner or an accomplished practitioner.

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