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In Memory of Grandmaster Chang

We are deeply saddened to share with you the passing of Grandmaster Chang, Fu Chen. A student of 63rd generation Tien Shan Pai Supreme Master Wang, Cheuh-Jen, Grandmaster Chang was famous for his martial qi gong skill and was an accomplished lei tai fighter. Grandmaster Chang was also a former national lei tai coach for the Taiwan team. A TWKSF …

TSP Legacy Tournament

Tien Shan Pai Legacy Tournament – April 23, 2023 Online Registration Opens February 14, 2023. Early Registration Opens on February 14, 2023. Early Registration Ends March 31, 2023. Registration Ends April 21, 2023. Doors Open at 9am and the Tournament begins at 10am. Register ONLINE for the tournament HERE Online registration ONLY. No paper or in-person registration. The Tien Shan …

2018 TSP Awards Winners

Congratulations to the following TSP Awards winners. See the complete list of all TSP awards winners from past to present. The TSP Awards are given at our annual TSP Chinese New Year luncheon. For more information,follow our Facebook page.  

Introduction to Tien Shan Pai

Now Available in Electronic Format !!! The first three chapters of this book are now available in PDF format (just click on the image below). Check back here often as we will continue adding chapters throughout the upcoming year !!! Introduction to Tien Shan Pai is a comprehensive synopsis of the attributes of this popular northern style of Chinese Kuo …

Huang Chien-Liang (黃乾量)

Grandmaster Huang Chien-Liang is a man of many talents, interests, and commitments. All of these focus on his devotion to the martial arts principles, philosophy and technique. He is a humanitarian dedicated to sharing his gifts with his students, colleagues and spectators.

Supreme Master Wang Chueh-Jen (王玨錱)

Wang Chueh-Jen (王玨錱) came from a rich family. His father, Wang Ting Yuen (王聽緣), was a well known Kung Fu Master in Si Chuan province. Grandmaster Wang first studied from his father before his father hired a different master to teach him and his brothers at home. Wang eventually inherited the Tien Shan Pai style from 62nd generation Grandmaster Ho …

Learn from Us

Grandmaster Huang has been spreading the art of Tien Shan Pai since his arrival in the United States in 1973. Today, there are schools all over the world that promote the style passed down from Supreme Master Wang to Grandmaster Huang. Pictured here is his third school location in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978.