2018 TSP Awards Winners

Congratulations to the following TSP Awards winners.

2018 TSP Spirit Awards:

  • Jay Family
  • Shaun Toner
  • Uskert Family
  • Margaret Boas
  • Alex Arshavskiy Jr.
  • Margaret Taylor
  • Doug Barrick

2018 TSP Outstanding Competitors:

  • Brad Choate
  • Peck Mun Lee
  • Owen Riley
  • Shelly Neill
  • Jay Delgado
  • Lilianne Babasa
  • Michelle Santos
  • Chris Lopez

2018 TSP Instructors of the Year:

  • Gabe Chang
  • Justin Weeber

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The TSP Awards are given at our annual TSP Chinese New Year luncheon. For more information,
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